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WEB-BASED HANDBOOK (Legacy Edition). CLICK HERE to submit comments.
Because of staff changes and Randolph Langenbach's retirement from FEMA, these handbooks were never published on the FEMA website.  These are the only copies available.


Chapter 5:



Utilities which are frequently damaged in flood events include electrical power, water, sewer and gas distribution, collection and transmission systems (i.e., distribution lines), as well as housing for utility operations or components (electrical substations). Flood damage to these utilities is caused by high velocity flows that cause soil erosion, as well as consolidation and settling of soils or slides. The most appropriate mitigation measure is dependent upon the type of flood damage incurred by each utility system.

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NOTE:  None of the mitigation measures in these Handbooks should be considered ‘pre-approved’ or otherwise automatically eligible for FEMA funding. Only FEMA staff can determine eligibility, once they have determined that an applicant is eligible and they have reviewed a project proposal.

FEMA HAZARD MITIGATION HANDBOOKS                                                                        Updated: June 13, 2002