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The original inspiration for this site has been to use the WEB - which is free and accessible world-wide - to share the work done while on an UNESCO-funded mission to the earthquake area in India in March, 2001.  In this manner, the images and reports from that Mission could be shared with colleagues, government officials, and in fact, anyone who finds it through search engines or word of mouth. 

I have found the World Wide Web to be a remarkable resource for actual publication of work, such as some of this here, carried out in the public interest, as it is instantly widely available without restriction to anyone, anywhere in the world.

The long-term goal is to expand the site to include the work of others, as has already been done with the pilot publication of the Bhuj Earthquake Reports from INTACH in India - which have been placed here as a service to that organization pending their transfer to their web site - and the work of individuals, such as Prof. Hemen Sanghvi, who has individually worked to preserve the earthquake-damaged historic buildings in Morvi, in Gujarat, India.  I welcome any suggestions for additional material, or for links to be added to other related sites.

-- Randolph Langenbach, 2001

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This page has been adapted from one produced by FEMA.  I am grateful for this information.


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